Wedding Cluster: 62 people positive for Covid-19

Malé City streets after Covid-19 protective measures were eased. | Photo: Mihaaru.

Male’, Maldives – The number of confirmed people related to the Wedding Cluster in Male’ area has increased to 62 within 6 days.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) informed that majority of the people who attended the wedding that was held on December 20 at SHE building in Male’ has confirmed positive for the Covid-19 virus.

While approximately 120 people are known to have attended the party, till Tuesday, HPA informed that they have confirmed 62 cases that are of either the attendees of the party or contacts of the attendees.

HPA said that among these people there are high-risk patients as well. The ages of the infected people relating to the wedding cluster include of 24 kids who are under the age of 18 along with a 65 year old and a 77 year old as well. In addition to this, HPA also informed that two toddlers of the age 2 and 3 had also confirmed positive for the virus.

On December  24th, HPA confirmed the first Covid-19 case from the wedding cluster. While only one citizen tested positive for the virus that day, 12 people had tested positive on the coming day, 21 people on 26th December, 8 people on 27th December and additional 8 people on 28th December.

On December 29th, HPA informed that 13 more people had tested positive for the virus from the same cluster taking the total cases to 62.

HPA has asked attendees of this event that they were not able to contact to call 1676 and give as many details possible. They added that all attendees must be in isolation and are not allowed to leave their homes, even if HPA has not been able to call them yet.

Mass gatherings and ceremonies were allowed to be held in Male’ on the 19th, with strict guidelines. These guidelines state that attendees must wear masks and follow social distancing rules and that if kept indoors, doors of the venue should be kept open during opening and ending times, and that doors must be opened frequently to allow air circulation.

HPA also advises that under no circumstances must attendees shake hands, and that too many people should not be allowed in the venue at once. They also advise to keep events as short as possible, and that if photos are to be taken, masks are mandatory.