2020 ends with government failing to fulfill any vows: Dr. Jameel

Former VP Dr. Mohamed Jameel | Photo: Edition

Male’, Maldives – The former Vice President of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Jameel has stated that the government has failed to fulfill any of their vows this year, and instead was all talk without any action.

Harshly criticizing the government, the former VP said that a whole year has been wasted with officials spewing empty promises and that citizens are currently suffering due to this.

” No promises made to Fishermen fulfilled, not even a single new stone placed in Hulhumale’, all government institutes filled with corruption, leader that governed for 5 years in prison while 2 main perpetrators at home” said Dr. Jameel.

He added that the Asset Recovery Commission has not done any asset recovery and The Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances has not brought justice to anyone, and that the President does not have anything he can take credit for, and rather only has blame to take.

While this year has been slow in terms of completed large scale projects, the government says that this was due to Covid-19, and the damage this poandemic did to the Maldivain economy.

The government has planned many PSIP’s in the 2021 budget, while a large porteion of these are neccessary, they are priamrily debt funded. This goes against advice by many overseas financial institutions that have to hold of some projects.

Some large scale debt funded projects deemed rather unnecessary such as a large cricket stadium to be built with a USD 800 million line of credit from India.