Protests will go on, results will be sweet: Dr. Jameel

Ex-VP Dr Jameel during the 2013 presidential campaign in the front while his successor Ex-VP Adheeb is seen at the back. Photo: PPM Social Media

Male’, Maldives – Former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel has said that the protests by the opposition will continue and the results of it would be sweet in a tweet he posted earlier today.

He also mentioned that the opposition leader Yameen was sentenced to prison by an influenced and unscrupulous judiciary and that this country won’t be sold off at any cost. He also implied in his tweet that the previous MDP government lost office because they went along bluffing.

The rally started off at Chaandhanee Magu junction with some of the opposition leaders participating, the protesters called for the resignation of the president and his administration and to remove foreign military personal from the Maldives. Also they called out the government to fulfill its pledges as per the manifesto.

The opposition protests are being held while HPA has banned gatherings exceeding 30 people to curb the increase of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Former VP Jameel’s recent criticisms towards the current administration comes after he rejoined PPM last month as an advisor after resigning from Jumhooree Party saying that he lacks the opportunity to carry out his vision for the country. Jameel was outset from office by an impeachment orchestrated by the then Minister of Tourism Adheeb who took office after him while he was serving as Former President Yameen’s second hand man. After he was impeached, Jameel was highly critical towards the former president and accused him of being involved in the MMPRC corruption scandal.