Adhaalath Party announces leadership positions

Current Adhaalath Party leader and Minister of Home Affairs Sheikh Imran Abdullah | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Adhaalath Party (AP), member of the governing coalition has announced that interested individuals may apply for the position of President and Vice President of the party.

The announcement states that interested pariticpants must apply before 14:00 on the 9th of this month. They added that an applicant wishes to run for President of the party, they must submit a name as their running mate when turning in their applications.

The current leader of Adhaalath Party is current Minister of Home Affairs Sheikh Imran Abdullah, and the Vice President is Chief of Staff of the President’s Office Ali Zahir.

Statistics by the Elections Commission reveal that AP has more than 6,000 registered members, and contributed to current president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s win in the last presidential elections.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has previously debunked what many people have said on the difficulty of running a coalition government, saying that it is not hard said that governments cabinet slot allocations were changed after discussions, adding that AP’s Gender Ministry slot was changed with AP leader and Home Minister Imran Abdhulla’s consent