‘The Circle’ kids books about 2040 presented to President Solih

'The Circle' kids presenting one of their books to the President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: Professor Ugail.

Male’, Maldives — Kids of ‘The Circle’ introduced by Professor Ugail has written two books about the year 2040 and it is now available for everyone to purchase on one of the biggest online shopping platform, Amazon.

The Ugail foundation tweeted to inform that the Circle Kids has published two books on how the life will be in 2040. The Circle kids have written two books in the name of “2040 What would it be like?”, by the Circle kids (ages 11 to 14 years) and “Vision 2040”. By the Circle kids (junior group, ages 7 to 10 years).

Professor Ugail also informed that The Circle has also presented these two books to the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the President’s Office today.

The two books made by The Circle will be available for purchase on Amazon for USD 19.90 each. They are based on the kids imagination on how the life would be in 20 years from now on, what type of jobs the people will be working in and about several other things including about the space and astronauts.