Maldives needs leaders who put the nation before their own needs: Ugail

Renowned scientist Professor of Visual Computing at the University of Bradford Hassan Ugail | Photo: Edition

Male’, Maldives – Professor Hussain Ugail stated today that the Maldives needs leaders who put the nation before their own needs.

Pointing out to the current political situation in the Maldives, Ugail tweeted that the country needs a person who is honest, has integrity and puts the nation before their own needs.

The statement from Ugail comes while ruling party MDP is fracturing, with President of MDP and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed stating that he can no longer work with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the political field.

Speaker Nasheed has also stated that even if some MDP members are not satisfied with it, he will request for the help of Opposition party PPM and PPM leader Yameen Abdu Gayyoom, if they agree to support moderate religious views.

While Speaker Nasheed is working on becoming the Prime Minister of Maldives and to change the system of the country, Nasheed states that it is important for the country to go for a yes or no vote next year to change the country to a Parliamentary system. Speaker Nasheed expressed hope for Opposition coalition to support him in changing the systems.

However, PPM has clearly stated that they have no thoughts to work along with MDP and their main aim is to free their leader, Yameen, who is currently serving his sentence in jail.