Trump supporters causes chaos in Washington DC – One woman killed

Trump supporters outside Capitol in Washington DC. | Photo via Daily Examiner.

Washington, D.C, United States — A recent speech of President Trump to never accept defeat has stormed hundreds of his supporters in the U.S. Capitol causing chaos in the area in hopes of overturning the elections that Trump lost.  In the chaos, one women has been shot and killed by a Capitol Police.

As the supporters of Trump force their way through the police officers and bash through the doors and windows of the Capitol, the police are protecting the Capitol from the people with shields, tear gas and even gun when necessary.

A police Officer from the site informed that a woman was shot during the chaos as she had entered the Capitol forcefully with multiple others and did not obey to the Capitol Police when they were asked to stop. The Capitol Police informed that officer had fired at a man who was coming at him, only later to find out that it was an unarmed woman.

The D.C. police had initially warned the Capitol Police that many of the Trump supporters in the area were secretly carrying weapons.

Police informed that the woman was rushed to an ambulance. Although she was shot in the shoulder, the police informed that she did not survive the shot. The gunfire raised more chaos as the protestors yelled and screamed “They shot a girl!” and “Murderers!” at the police.

On the other hand, a citywide curfew has been activated where everyone is instructed to stay inside from 6 p.m. Wednesday till 6 a.m. Thursday. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said that only the essential personnel are allowed to be outdoors in the city.

While all 1,100 members of the D.C. National Guard have been activated, fights are still breaking out in the area with the Trump supporters breaching one perimeter after the other. The social media revealed that after successfully breaching the police perimeters, the crowd sang the national anthem in happiness.

Multiple attempts of the police to turn away the crowd has been failing, with the crowd banging on the doors of Capitol calling onto open the door. The attempts of Police to turn away the people by firing pepper balls and smoke bombs has also failed as the rioters cluster around the doors while yelling, arguing and pledging revolution.

Dozens of rioters have entered the building either through the windows or the doors and has vandalized several offices and smashed the windows of Capitol.

While the Trump supporters were breaching the laws and using violence, Trump made little effort to quell the violence he had helped instigate. He shared a video in which he told his supporters to “Go home”, “We love you,” “You’re very special,” while continuing to promote the falsehood that he won the elections.