New findings support that MH370 was seen above Maldives

Malaysian Airlines flight (MH370) that had disappeared on March 08, 2014. | Photo: Wikipedia.

Male’, Maldives — New findings shows that the claims of several Maldivians six years ago saying that they had seen a large, very noisy aircraft flying low above the Maldives was indeed the Malaysian Airlines flight (MH370) that had disappeared on March 08, 2014.

The Senior System Engineer of British multinational defense, security, and aerospace company, BAE Systems, Sergio Cavaiuolo has found new theories about the MH370 flight that was carrying 239 people on March, 2014 by analyzing the satellites images. Although the finding has not been completd yet, Cavaiuolo has shared some of the information regarding the new finding to a local media outlet of Maldives, “Mihaaru”.

Cavaiuolo informed that he had visited Maldives on 2015, to interview the islanders of Kudahuvadhoo and Th. Gaadhiffushi who claimed to have seen the aircraft on that day. Cavaiuolo informed that the colors and the wings of the aircraft was visible clearly to the islanders. In fact, a lady from Gaadhiffushi gave details of the sight to Cavaiuolo and said that she saw the aircraft flying above the island for almost two to three times before it left. Cavaiuolo said that the lady even gave details of which direction the aircraft later went.

“It was flying below the clouds and the color and other parts (of the flights) were also visible clearly. It had white colors above it,” a Maldivian who claimed to have seen an aircraft around seven in the morning stated.

Although the sea near South India was searched for the MH370 that was on its way to Beijing, China from Kaula Lumpur of Malaysia, the new findings by Cavaiuolo stated that MH370 traveled towards Maldives that day.

Cavaiuolo also said that the time that Maldivians claimed to have seen an aircraft and the time seen from the satellite data which shows that MH370 had traveled towards the Maldives appears to be same.

Cavaiuolo said with certainty that the aircraft must have crashed several hundreds of kilometers opposite from the area that was actually searched. He gave several reasons as to why he is so certain about this new theory about MH370.

The aircraft did not travel towards the southern sea of India. When the raw satellite data was first analyzed, the ‘Timing Data’ was taken incorrectly. The Handshake data (the communication between the satellite and the aircraft) was taken unknowingly with the help of an incorrect data.

Cavaiuolo stated.

Cavaiuolo further noted that although the Australian sea was searched for parts of the crashed MH370, the authorities could not find any thing related to a part of an aircraft. However, several parts that are similar to the MH370 and are suspected to have been were found near the northern side of India, from the islands of Africa.

Cavaiuolo stated that this is because the parts of the flight would have traveled through the Maldivian sea instead of the sea near Southern India.

The disappearance of MH370 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 people on board, continues to baffle experts, and is regarded as the aviation industry’s greatest mystery.

The last operation to locate the aircraft ended in May 2018, when United States-based exploration company Ocean Infinity failed to locate the aircraft after searching more than 112,000sq km of the ocean floor over three months.