“India Out” is an irresponsible political act: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives — President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih states that the “India Out” campaign is an irresponsible political act carried out by the opposition in social media.

President Solih gave this statement during an interview he gave to an Indian media outlet, “The Hindu.”

When President Solih was asked about the relationship between Maldives and India along with the accusation on President Solih’s administration of “selling off Maldives” to India, President Solih stated that engaging with the country’s neighbors strengthens the national security and increases respect for Maldives as a sovereign country. 

The President stated that the country’s international relationships are vital, especially during in a time of global crisis. Therefore, he said that the country makes no apologies for the positive interactions they make with the country’s largest neighbour, and one of Maldives’ closest international partner, India.

We note that we are happy to take forward several of the development cooperation projects signed between the Government of India and the preceding Administration of the Maldives. 

President Solih stated.

President Solih further stated that it is irresponsible to underminde the relationships that are in the interest of Maldives simply for the purpose of demagoguery and cheap political points.

Over the past months, the opposition has made several accusations about the incumbent government and the neighboring country, such as that they have ‘become a slave to India’, condemning the “Indian military presence in Maldivian soil.” In addition to this, they have also questioned the assistance of India to the country and has held several protests in the name of “India Out” in the country.

During the presidency of Yameen, the historic relations between India and Maldives turned sour due to several problems. However, the relationship has now improved since the Current President Ibrahim Solih took over in November 2018.