Action to be taken against civil servants that fail in government scholarships

Locals on Male' road | photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Thursday, has announced that civil servants that fail or do not complete training and courses required for their employment under scholarships would be laid off.

In a circular, the commission stated that civil servants who are granted paid or no-pay leave to pursue such education would also have to compensate their employers for the expenses of their courses as per the law and the agreement between the employee and employer.

However, in cases where civil servants failed or did not complete courses that are not required for their employment mandate, CSS stated that they would be reinstated to their current position. For civil servants that were granted leave to pursue education for a reserved senior position, failing or not completing the course would result in reinstatement to their current position or another post of the same rank.

Regarding compensation for the civil servants that would not be terminated, the commission noted that employers could stipulate the employees to work for a mutually agreed period in order to pay off the expenses. CSS also directed employers to seek compensation for any extra expenses spent on the employees during their courses, either in the form of one-off settlements or monthly deductions from their salaries.