Search for individuals who travelled from Huvadhoo to Addu begins

Aeriel view of Koattey area in Addu Nature Park | Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council has announced that they are searching for anyone that has travelled to Addu from any island under monitoring following positive cases being found in some of these islands.

The Council announced in a statement today, saying that anyone who has travelled to Addu from an island under monitoring after the 1st of this month are to report their situation to the respective Social Support Desks of their islands without any further delay.

They also noted in their announcement that the islands currently under monitoring include GDh.Dhevvadhoo, L.Gan, L.Fonadhoo, GA,Villingili and GA,Dhaandhoo. In addition to this, the authorities highlighted that this is being done as a protective measure to protect the citizens of Addu from the Covid-19 pandemic which Maldives has not yet been able to tackle.

Numbers of Social Support Desks in islands of Addu

  • Hithadhoo – 7789042
  • Maradhoo – 7789043
  • Maradhoo Feydhoo – 7789045
  • Feydhoo – 7789044
  • Hulhudhoo – 7789046
  • Meedhoo – 7789041

Individuals who fit the above mentioned conditions are to report their whereabouts to the SSDs of their islands. The council has asked for the support and coordination of all the citizens in tackling this pandemic and keeping our community safe.