Attack on Maavah Council President under investigation

Maavah Council President Ahmed Moosa | photo: Sun

L.Maavah, Maldives – An assault on L. Maavah Council President Ahmed Moosa has been reported to the police and is currently under investigation.

Speaking with local news outlet Sun, Ahmed Moosa said that the attack on him was most likely due to political reasons related to a document published on the Political Party of Maldives (PPM)’s Facebook page of L. Maavah. He also said that he has now lodged a complaint with the police regarding the matter adding that he had been threatened before the attack.

They attacked me near the mosque. (They) hit me on the face after using foul language towards me. It still hurts, but it is now better.

Ahmed Moosa

Moosa also requested supporters of PPM in Maavah, not to do anything in revenge of this action and had told to let the authorities carry out their responsibility. He said that this is the time to unite to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and that he does not agree with physical attacks on anyone due to differences in political ideology in any situation.