Biden to revoke Trump’s infamous legacies within first hour of Presidency

President Joe Biden. | Photo: Texas Tribune

US President-elect Joe Biden is to revoke the departed President Donald Trump’s most infamous policies within the first hours of his presidential term, CNN reports.

Mr. Biden, who is getting ready to take charge of the new administration is going to sign 17 executive actions during his early hours of presidency, which includes Mr. Trump’s infamous Mexican border wall, travel bans from Muslim countries as well as new executive policies to battle Corona virus.

Biden will effective immediately halt all work related to border wall, reverse the ban on Muslim countries.

The United States of America will also rebuild its relations with international relations by reversing Trump’s attempts of isolation. USA will be rejoining the Paris Agreement, and immediately halt the departure from World Health Organization (WHO).

Biden has also decided to make wearing masks mandatory on federal property to battle COVID19 pandemic. Additional to this, Biden will be placing a coronavirus response coordination in the White House to help improve efforts to distribute vaccines and medical supplies.

The President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris partook in an event to remember the 400,000 Americans who lost their lives battling the coronavirus as their first actions in White House.

Trump received heavy criticism from Biden in their presidential campaign for Trump’s continuous downplay of the pandemic. Biden partially blames the Trump administration for their lack of effort in battling the virus in the United States.

Earlier today, Biden tweeted, “It’s a new day in America” ahead of his inauguration giving hope for his supporters and the citizens of the country.

Thousands of Americans have gathered to near the Capitol building, to witness the inauguration of the new administration. Former presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will also participate in the ceremony with their families. However, the departing President Trump has decided to skip the ceremony.

Obama has officially congratulated Biden on becoming the 46th President of the United States, by sending a tweet to his former Vice President, earlier today.