Tourism Minister Dr. Mausoom meets with General Director of Asia & Pacific of UNWTO

Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom at the UNWTO Global Tourism Crisis Committee, 2021. | Photo: Tourism Ministry.

Male’, Maldives — Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom meets with the Regional Director of Asia & Pacific of UNWTO to talk about the things that can be done to develop the tourist sector of Maldives.

The discussions were held between the Minister of Tourism of Maldives, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom and Director for the Regional Department of Asia and Pacific, Harry Hwang.

During the meeting, Minister Mausoom and Mr. Hwang talked about holding an event in Maldives in relation to the UNWTO Regional Commission For South Asia meeting chaired by the Maldives and scheduled to be hosted in Sri Lanka. They also discussed about strengthening the role of women throughout the tourism sector and how UNWTO can assist in providing direct benefit for the the citizens from the tourism industry.

Minister Mausoom also requested the presence and support of UNWTO in the activities Maldives is currently planning in 2022 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Tourism Industry of Maldives.

In his trip to attend the UNWTOEC 113th Executive Council Meeting in Madrid, Spain, Minister Mausoom also met with the Senior Regional Project Specialist of the Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific of UNWTO, Mr. Li Yang.