President Yameen’s supporters march in Addu demanding his freedom

Yameen supporters in Addu City march | photo: Addulive

Addu City, Maldives – Supporters of Former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom held a march in Addu city to protest the 5 year sentence and demand his freedom.

President Yameen’s supporters gathered on the streets following the decision from the High Court yesterday, to uphold the 5 year jail sentence by the Maldivian Criminal Court. Participants of the march have called out the Government to grant immediate freedom to the Former President and put an end to the torture he is enduring. Officials of the Hithadhoo PPM Steering Committee and local supporters took part in the march.

The legal team of Former President Yameen have decided to disregard the verdict of the High Court saying that it was a false verdict passed the under influence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker Nasheed. In addition to this, they have also decided to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

After he appealed this sentence at the High Court, highlighting a total of 75 points at the sentencing, 2 of the 3 judges delivering the verdict supported Criminal Court’s decision. Chief Judge at yesterday’s hearing was Judge Hussain Mazeed, who was joined by Judge Hussain Shaheedh and Judge Mohamed Niyaz.

In addition to the march in Addu, Yameen supporters have also protested in Capital city Male’, demanding the freedom of the Former President. Protesters gathered at the four way road connecting two busy streets, Majeedhee Magu and Chandanee Magu with traffic piling up.

While President Yameen has completed more than 400 days of his 5 year sentence, today’s verdict by the High Court means that he will go back to complete his sentence at Maafushi Prison, and may very well be facing more time as the state is pressing additional charges of accepting bribes and money laundering.