Addu City Mayor and Councillors arrive in GDh Thinadhoo

Addu City Mayor Abdullah Sodiq arriving in GDh Atoll | photo: Addu City Council

G.Dh. Atoll, Maldives – The Mayor of Addu City Abdullah Sodiq and Councillors have arrived in G.Dh. Thinadhoo today, for important discussions between the two councils.

While in G.Dh. Thinadhoo, Mayor Sodiq said to local news outlet Addulive, that the purpose of their trip to Thinadhoo was to meet the G.Dh. Atoll Council as well as the island councils and exchange experience between the two bodies. The Mayor highlighted that common issues faced within the council would be discussed as well as discuss ways in which the Southern sector of the Atolls can be further developed economically and socially.

Mayor Sodiq also noted the increasing number of people coming from G.Dh. Atoll to Addu to for medical purposes since the opening of Addu Equatorial Hospital. The Mayor stated that common problems faced by inter Atoll travellers and solutions to these would be discussed.

Mayor Abdullah Sodiq was accompanied by all the Councillors of Addu except Hulhudhoo Constituency Councillor Ibrahim Shukuree and Maradhoo Constituency Councillor Ibrahim Faisal. They were also accompanied by ten other officials. This is the 8th trip of its kind made by Addu City Council to G.Dh. Atoll.