COVID-19: Samples from G.Dh. Thinadhoo test negative

GDh. Thinadhoo | Photo: Studio 33

Thinadhoo, Maldives – Direct contacts from the G.Dh. Thinadhoo Covid-19 cases tested negative in the initial round of testing.

“Gaafu” news reports that the media official from Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo has confirmed this information.

Samples from the 18 direct contact were collected yesterday, and the results today, came out negative. Despite initial negative results, all contacts will be mandated to undergo a 14 day quarantine period and tested again.

Two people who went to G.Dh. Thinadhoo under special pass have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 and Thinadhoo has been placed under monitoring by Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Thinadhoo Local Council informed that the individuals are a part of a team by Gender Ministry who visited the island under special pass.

HPA reports that the 2 individuals were found to be positive after they returned to Malé and got tested for Covid-19. HPA is now contact tracing in the island and taking random samples.

With the announcement of the third wave in the Maldives and the confirmation of a new variant, one of the restrictive measures introduced is the requirement for a PCR test for people living in Malé before visiting other islands.