Political appointees cannot criticize the government: New Policy Amendment

The President and Ministers at a cabinet meeting | Photo: The Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives – An amendment has been made to the code of ethics for political employees that states that even if the individual disagrees with government decisions, voicing opinions against the government on social media is disallowed.

The new policy states political appointees must accept and follow government decisions, and even if there is a conflict of opinions, voicing this to other people, in public, media, news outlets or social media is not allowed.

Having beliefs contradicting with the government or beliefs that create complications in fulfilling the employee’s duty are malfeasant, and information received due to their position should not be used for personal gain, for such gain in other individuals, or to take away benefits from someone else, according to the new policy.

In addition to this, the policy states that using government property, facility or funding for uses other than to preform duties of the individual’s position is not allowed. Working another job during official hours is also disallowed.

The policy also demands that political appointees must go to the office they were appointed to before 8:30 everyday except during Ramadan and holidays and record their attendance. During Ramadan, this must be done according to the time set by the government.