Gov’t starts firing political appointees joining The Democrats

The Democrats getting signatures to form a party. | Photo: TheDemocratsMV

Government of Maldives starts dismissing political appointees who are leaving Maldivian Democratic Party and joining the new political party The Democrats, led by President Mohammed Nasheed.

When asked about it, the President’s Office spokesperson, Miuwan Mohammed, said that the people in political positions are being fired because the people who were appointed to the positions in MDP slots left the party. They are being removed from their posts at the request of the MDP, he said.

Letters sent by the President’s Office informing senior officials of their dismissals are circulating on social media. However, it is not known how many people were dismissed.

Those who are leaving the MDP and joining The Democrats are being removed from political positions, but those in the MRM slots, which was dissolved last week, and those in the JP slots, which is set to contest the presidential election, have not been removed from political positions.

The Democrats have been approved to form a party by the Election Commission and are working to register the required number of signatures. The party needs 3,000 signatures to register. The Democrats have reportedly signed more than 3,000 members already.