MET office warns of harsh weather in Southern Maldives

Rainy day in Addu City, view from Link Road

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Meteorological Services (MET) has issued a warning, forecasting harsh weather with heavy rain and thunderstorms in the southern region of Maldives for the next 06 hours.

MET Office informed that the southern atolls of Maldives, from Gaafu Alifu Atoll to Addu City, is likely to face harsh weather and thunderstorms for the next 06 hours.

The MET Office also warned that strong winds between 08 and 18 miles per hour are expected to be seen in the atolls in North of Maldives and in the middle of Maldives MET also informed that the seas are expected to be rough at a normal rate.

On the other hand, the atolls in the South are expected to face strong winds between 05 and 15 miles per hour, with winds going up as high as approximately 30 miles per hour.

The MET Office advised all citizens to be cautious of the upcoming severe weather conditions and to take precautionary measures against it.