Gender Ministry sends care packages to M. Kolhufushi

Care packages sent to M. Kolhufushi by the Gender Ministry | Photo: Twitter

Male’, Maldives – The Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services (MoGFSS) have begun efforts to collect information on individuals living under difficult circumstances in M. Kolhufushi and send them care packages.

The Ministry tweeted this information earlier today with a picture of basic supplies to be sent to Kolhufushi. The Ministry reportedly does this for every island brought to monitoring status.

M. Kolhufushi, was placed under monitoring on 24 January 2021 after a person who went to the capital city Malé from the island was tested positive for Covid-19.

With the island being place on monitoring status, all unauthorized access to the island and departure from the island has been prohibited. Any violations of HPA guidelines or request may carry large fines.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has requested everyone that travelled from M. Kolhufushi after the 05th of January 2021 to quarantine at once, their efforts have found 3 people from M. Kolhufushi who traveled to another atoll, L. Gan for medical purposes who have tested positive for Covid-19.