M. Kolhufushi cluster: Total Covid-19 cases tops 25

M. Kolhufushi | Photo: Facebook user Mahid Photos

Kolhufushi, Maldives – Additional 15 people have been confirmed from the ongoing cluster case in M. Kolhufushi taking the total toll to 25 Covid-19 cases up to date.

The spokesperson of  Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), Dr. Nazla Rafeeg has informed that additional 15 samples have returned positive for the Covid-19 virus. This takes the total confirmed cases in Kolhufushi to 25.

Kolhufushi is among the many islands that is currently in monitoring status in Maldives. Kolhufushi was placed under monitoring on 24 January 2021 after a person who went to the capital city Malé from the island was tested positive for Covid-19.

The Covid-19 positive individuals departed from Kolhufushi island on the same day before HPA announced the monitoring status according to L. Gan Local Council President Ahmed Shaheen. The individuals spent 4 days in L. Gan before returning to M. Kolhufushi.

While they were tested positive after their return to M. Kolhufushi, it is suspected that the individuals were already positive for Covid-19 when they arrived travel in the island of L. Gan.

According to HEOC, the beginning of the cluster began with the people who traveled from Male’ to Kolhufushi when they tested positive for the virus on January 21st. Later on, HEOC confirmed additional 09 Covid-19 cases which were found through random sampling in the island on January 26th.

On January 29th, HEOC informed that 15 more samples have tested positive for Covid-19 taking the total toll to 25 in Kolhufushi.

In addition to M. Kolhufushi, additional three islands are currently under monitering status in Maldives. They are HA. Muradhoo, AA. Mathiveri and GA. Dhevvadhoo.