Travelers from M. Kolhufushi ordered to quarantine

Collection of random samples at M. Kolhufushi | Photo: Addulive

Male’ Maldives- The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has requested everyone that travelled from M. Kolhufushi after the 05th of January 2021 to quarantine at once.

In a statement released, HPA informed that any travelers from M. Kolhufushi, if they are in another Maldivian island, must inform the respective island’s hospital or health center and must remain in quarantine for 14 days (if they haven’t previously) till a negative Covid-19 result is confirmed.

HPA advised the individuals who traveled from Kolhufushi to Male’ during this time period to call 1676 at the earliest to share information regarding the travel dates.

The statement from HPA comes after 9 Covid-19 cases were confirmed from Kolhufushi through the random sample testing HPA did of around 105 people in the island.

The council president also noted that there is an increasing number of people with flu symptoms in the island. Efforts are being made to get more people tested.

Kolhufushi was placed under monitoring on 24 January 2021 after a person who went to the capital city Malé from the island was tested positive for Covid-19. The island is currently under lockdown with no entry or exit allowed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).