COVID-19: 29 samples taken from L. Gan confirmed Negative

Aerial view of L. Gan | Photo: Thottey Photography

Kolhufushi, Maldives – While the Health Protection Agency (HPA) took 29 samples from L. Gan due to the 3 people from M. Kolhufushi who traveled to another atoll L. Gan for medical purposes had tested positive for Covid-19, the agency announces that all the 29 samples taken were tested negative for the virus.

Kolhufushi was placed under monitoring on 24 January 2021 after a person who went to the capital city Malé from the island was tested positive for Covid-19.

The Covid-19 positive individuals departed from Kolhufushi island on the same day before HPA announced the monitoring status according to L. Gan Local Council President Ahmed Shaheen. The individuals spent 4 days in L. Gan before returning to M. Kolhufushi.

While they were tested positive after their return to M. Kolhufushi, it is suspected that the individuals were already positive for Covid-19 when they arrived travel in the island of L. Gan. This is why, HPA has quarantined 10 houses in L. Gan relating to this case for 14 days.

HPA has further informed that if there is any individual who has traveled from M. Kolhufushi to any other atolls of Maldives to immediately inform the closes hospital or HPA. Along with this, the agency instructed to remain at home until the individuals receive a negative Covid-19 test although they have completed their 14 day quarantine period.

The highest number of positive cases in the Maldives local islands is currently at Ga. Devvadhoo and M. Kolhufushi, in addition to the capital city Malé.