Maafaru airport PCR lab temporarily closed

Covid-19 testing at IGMH laboratory | Photo: Yoosuf Sofwan Rasheed

Male’, Maldives – The PCR lab established at the airport in N. Maafaru has been temporarily closed as the lab is undergoing a change in management.

An official from Heath Protection Agency (HPA) said that the services at the PCR lab were discontinued as the lab is undergoing a change in management. The official said that an assessment prior to the management change uncovered several issues which are being rectified.

Even if everything goes smoothly at the start, there come some process deviations over time. We noticed some such issues during our assessment and are working on rectifying the issues.

HPA official

In response to questions over allegations that tests at the PCR lab were manipulated to generate false negatives, HPA said that no such issues have come to the authority’s notice.

The official from HPA said that services at the lab will resume prior to the management once the issues noticed in the assessment are rectified. The PCR lab in Maafaru was sponsored by the resort chain Soneva, and the machinery and equipment installed by ADK Trade and Shipping.