May/June A’level examinations not be held this year

Students in an exam setting | photo:

Male’, Maldives – Ministry of Education has confirmed that the Pearson Edexcel would not be having their IAS/A level May/June 2021 examination series this year.

Education Ministry announced that Pearson had taken important decisions regarding their May/June examinations in light of the Covid-19 situation worldwide. The ministry added that the decision about the grades and certificate awarding of the students taking part in the examinations would be announced on February 22.

Pearson Edexcel announced that they will use a robust approach based on teacher assessment for International GCSE and International AS/A Level assessment in May/June 2021 and exams will not go ahead as planned. Pearson is also offering an additional exam series for International GCSE later this year. However, the International AS/A Level October exam series will go ahead as planned.

The Ministry said that this decision would not in any way affect the registration process being carried out by the Department of Public Examinations and these formalities will be carried out according to schedule.

Education Ministry also adviced students and teachers to keep preparing for the examinations as they are now and noted that further options to asses the students are being discussed with Pearson. They also added the opinion of schools and students would be taken into consideration in these discussions.

Given the ongoing uncertainty, we feel that this could not be done fairly and would risk unintentionally disadvantaging individual students.

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson added that their priorities throughout this pandemic have been to keep everyone safe and well and to ensure fairness so that every student receives a grade that reflects their knowledge and understanding. They also noted that in making this decision, they spoke to many schools, teachers and students and carefully considered a range of options. These included having exams in some countries and teacher assessment in others.