BREAKING: 4th Covid-19 case confirmed in connection to Hithadhoo cluster

Addu City, Maldives – A fourth case of Covid-19 has been recorded in Addu City in connection to the Hithadhoo cluster discovered on Saturday.

‘The Times of Addu’ has been able to confirm that a fourth positive case in fact been confirmed and that the patient is a female.

While no further information has been made available regarding the cluster at this time, the first two individuals who tested positive from Hithadhoo were participants of an Aviation Security Command training, held in Gan.

Both cases were identified after consulting the flu clinic in Hithadhoo with Covid-19 like symptoms. Since then, two more cases have been confirmed, raising the tally of the cluster to four.

This cluster comes just a couple of days after a major cluster was discovered in Hulhumeedhoo of the same city, in a Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) site. This comes almost a year after Maldives recorded the first cases of Covid-19, making it a first for the city to have cases test positive from individuals who are not in quarantine.