Addu Aviation cluster – positive toll at 22!

Picture from training held by Aviation Security Command | Photo: AVSECOM

Addu City, Maldives – With three additional cases identified from the cluster formed among the participants of an Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) training held at Addu City, the total toll of the cluster has risen to 22.

Detailing, Mayor of the city, Abdullah Sodiq (Sobe) said that since 18:00 of Monday until now, an additional four cases have been confirmed for Covid-19. While the number of direct contacts in connection to the cluster is very high, the toll is already above 100.

Speaking at a press conference held on Monday night in Addu City, Mayor Sobe said that the rate of spread in Addu is currently high, and that the situation of the city is delicate at the moment.

Currently there are two clusters in Addu City, due to which the total number of cases from both clusters has risen to 47, with an additional independent case identified today prior to quarantine release, taking the number of total active cases of the city to 48.