BREAKING: Expat in serious condition from Hulhumeedhoo cluster transferred to Hithadhoo

Aerial view of S.Hulhumeedhoo | Photo: Zayd Amjad

Addu City, Maldives – Expatriate worker positive for Covid-19 from the MTCC Hulhumeedhoo site is being transferred to Hithadhoo for treatment.

Manager of the Hulhumeedhoo Medical Centre, Ibrahim Didi (Iburey) has said that they received information that a foreign worker from the MTCC site was in serious condition and dispatched doctors to treat the individual. The decision was then made to transfer the person to Hithadhoo for treatment.

Ibrahim Didi also informed that the medical center is closely monitoring the status of all positive cases in quarantine, following the Health Protection Agency (HPA) guidelines. They are also providing proper medical care to the patients.

Hithadhoo Regional Hospital has been turned into a treatment facility to treat the Covid-19 patients in Addu City. The city has 49 positive cases at present.