Might not be able to confirm origin of Covid-19 in Addu: Dr. Latheef

Dr. Ali Latheef | photo: sun

Addu City, Maldives – Dr. Ali Latheef has said that they might not be able to confirm as to why Covid-19 spread to Addu City, at a press briefing held by Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC).

Answering to a question from Addulive at last night’s press conference, Dr. Latheef said that most of the times, it is not always possible to state how Covid-19 spread in a certain place and identify the index case. While many people assume that the origin of Covid-19 in Addu City arose from a training of the Aviation Command an Gan in which individuals came to Addu under special permissions from Health Protection Agency, Dr. Latheef said that it is not possible to say for sure the Aviation Command is the reason for the spread of the disease.

From observations we made till now, it is not possible to say that the virus spread from the training of the Aviation Command.

Dr. Latheef

The command itself denied these allegations saying that their trainings were in accordance with the guidelines set by HPA .

Two clusters have been identified from Addu City with total number of positive cases at 53. Following these cases Addu City was placed under monitoring one week and strict measures have been implemented since then. A curfew has also been implemented from 20:00 to 04:00 of everyday.

HEOC said that one of their teams is currently active in Addu, monitoring the situation and attempting to find out how the disease spread in Addu City. Health professionals urge the public to adhere to the protective guidelines to minimize the spread of the virus as much as possible.