Latheef pledges to form an airline in Addu’s name if elected

Mayoral Candidate of PPM for Addu City, Mohamed Latheef | Photo: PPM

Addu City, Maldives – Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidate contesting for the mayoral position of Addu City in the upcoming Local Council Elections, Mohamed Latheef has pledged that he would form an airline in the name of Addu City if elected.

Speaking at the PPM’s ‘Mee Magey Raajje’ campaign relaunching event, Latheef outlined his pledges, which included reopening the two main resorts of the city which have been shut down indefinitely. He added that he would reopen doors to bring in more money in to Addu and also ensure job opportunities to those who have lost their income.

Shedding light on the housing issues, Latheef went on to say that housing would be arranged for those who are in need of it and that there is also a requirement to open a commercial bank in the name of Addu as well as a university, which would allow international students to travel to Addu for higher education.

We will establish an airline in Addu’s name and start to fly around the entire globe.

Mohamed Latheef, Mayoral candidate of PPM, Local Council Elections

Adding on, he spoke of the need to have an IT park developed in the city, which he described would be an easy task, given that many of the Addu’s finest and brightest are currently serving in various parts of the world after acquiring quality education.

Latheef also pledged to open industrial factories in the city, as well as banks and leasing companies to fulfill the needs of the Addu people, while also establishing the best transport system in the entire country.

Latheef is currently contesting with Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Ali Nizar in the running to become the next Mayor of Addu City.

The Local Council elections were initially scheduled to be held during April of 2020, which eventually had to be postponed multiple times due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, with the situation calming down due to vaccination programs and other safety and precautionary measures being implemented against Covid-19, the Elections Commission of Maldives has decided to hold the election on 10 April 2020.