Will change Police Academy to a hotel if elected: Latheef

Addu City, Maldives— Competing on behalf of PPM to be the mayor of Addu City, Mohamed Latheef stated that if he win the elections and becomes the mayor, he will change the Police Academy currently building in Addu City into a hotel.

While speaking at a program, Latheef said that while a large training school is being built in Addu City with the assistance of India, the information received from Indian media reveals that it is an Indian navy base that is being built in Maldives.

Latheef said that although multiple questions have been raised regarding this matter, none has been properly answered by the Addu City Council, Foreign Ministry and even by the Indian Embassy in Maldives.

We are still asking the Indian High Commission to issue a statement saying that they will leave the academy to Maldivian Police officers once its done. But they haven’t issued it yet.

Latheef stated.

While advising the Addu citizens and asking them to properly think about the matter, Latheef mentioned that if he becomes the mayor of Addu, he will change the Police Academy to a hotel.

Latheef stated that the Police Academy is being built in the most important location of the city. He said that it is important to think about the future regarding this matter as it is the only location available to further improve the tourism in Addu.

Hopefully, if I get the chance to serve the citizens of Addu, we will all work together to change this Training School to a hotel.

Latheef stated.

While Latheef hopes to change the Police Academy once he becomes a mayor, the academy is already preparing to open within this year. Although the Opposition has been continuously saying that the academy is an Indian Military Base, the incumbent government has been denying all of these statements.