COVID-19: Cases increase in the Southern Cities

Aerial of Feydhoo, Addu City | Photo: Ahmed Niz

Addu City, Maldives – The southern 2 cities of Maldives are facing a rising number of Covid-19 cases with 58 active cases in Addu and 17 in Fuvahmulah.

According to the statistics revealed by the Addu Emergency Operation Center (AEOC), a total of 5 new cases have been recorded from the city, including the case of an elderly woman, which was reported this morning.

With this, the total active cases in the city has gone up to 58, with cases attributed to two different clusters. The aviation cluster currently has 33 active cases, while the Hulhumeedhoo MTCC cluster has 25 active cases. 

Fuvahmulah authorities inform that one cluster is connected to an individual who was in quarantine after arriving to the city from Dubai, while the other cluster was identified when two individuals consulted the flu clinic in the city.

With this, the number of contacts has reached 620, which includes 25 individuals who fall into the high risk category, and 15 individuals who are symptomatic.

Both cities are under monitoring with curfews being observed.