Parliament approves Dr. Zahir to be appointed to Elections

Dr.Mohamed Zahir | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Maldivian Parliament has voted Dr. Mohamed Zahir to be appointed as a member of the Elections Commission (EC).

Dr. Zahir, whose name was recommended for the post by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, was selected for the vacant position with 37 votes by parliamentarians during today’s meeting.

Dr. Zahir has a PhD in Public Administration and currently works as EC’s HR Director. He has also previously worked as EC’s Voter Education Director. In addition to being a senior lecturer in Maldives Nation University (MNU) , he has also served time in the Maldives National Deference Forces (MNDF).

After the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions investigated his name, the committee members voted to appoint Dr. Zahir to the post at a committee meeting last Wednesday.

The empty seat in EC is the result of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions investigating the then member and Vice President of EC, Ahmed Akram for alleged sexual harassment.

While Akram denied the allegations, he turned in his resignation shortly after, stating that he does not believe that it would be appropriate to remain as a member of an independent Commission, given that the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Commissions has ruled that they do not have confidence in him any longer.

Dr. Zahir fills Akram’s seat in EC as the commission, despite the currently worsening Covid-19 situation in the country, prepares to controversially go ahead with the planned Local Council and Women’s Development Committee elections – which has seen delay after delay for almost a year.