Former MP of Gahdhoo constituency, Zahir Adam passes away

Former member of Parliament representing Gahdhoo Constituency Zahir Adam | Photo: Sun

Maldives – Former Member of Parliament representing Gahdhoo constituency Zahir Adam has passed away.

His family reported that he was ill during the month of Ramadan but had later gotten well, and showed no symptoms of Covid-19. Zahir passed away after recovering from Covid-19. Zahir who had a kidney transplant stayed at home after recovery.

He was previously a politician and businessman in the tourism industry managing resorts and safaris. Zahir is also a member of parliament who was part of the special majlis responsible for drafting the current constitution of the Maldives. He was an MP for various terms from February 27, 2005 to May 27, 2014.

The Maldives Parliament held a moment of silence upon Zahir’s passing.

Former President and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed tweeted that Gahdhoo Zahir Adam was one of his political teachers. He stated that Zahir played an important role in changing the Maldives for better, and added that Zahir was an engineer, resort owner and MP. Speaker Nasheed prayed for him to find Paradise in the Hereafter, and wished his family the patience to go through this grief.

The MP of Gadhdhoo constituency, Ahmed Zahir is a son of the deceased.