Registration now open for the social welfare program

Islamic Center in capital city Malé | Photo: Rilwan

Malé, Maldives – The Islamic Ministry has opened registrations for the social welfare program for the year 1442, requesting people in need from greater Malé area to register.

A statement released by the Islamic Ministry read that registration forms for people to register under the social welfare program of the Ministry would be accepted from February 21 to March 21.

Registration forms are available from the Islamic Ministry website as well as the Ministry counter. Forms are to submitted via mail to the Islamic Ministry’s mail address.

The list was newly revised list includes 11,514 people. The list was revised due to the Covid-19 pandemic as many people were affected due to the situation, either due to a decrease in pay, no pay leaves or being laid off from their jobs. The pandemic had a huge impact on the country’s economy as well.