Tharawih prayers to be held in congregation this Ramadan: Islamic Ministry

First Friday prayers performed in Male' City with social distancing after 3 month lockdown for the first time after | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives — The Islamic Ministry of Maldives has announced that Tarawih prayer will be held at the mosques this year in the Malé area despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ministry tweeted to inform that unlike the year before, the special prayer of Ramadan, Tarawih will be conducted in the mosques with social distancing similarly as how the daily prayers are currently ongoing in Male’ area.

The Ramadan month came not long before Maldives recorded its first Covid-19 case and later confirming a surge in the number of cases in the country, especially in the capital Male’ area. As a precautionary measure, the country was put in lockdown with all the mosques closing resulting in no mass prayers for the time period.

Although the number of Covid-19 cases are currently in a rise in the country, notably in the capital city Malé, Maldives is not yet planning to go for another full lockdown. Instead, several protective measures have been taken in the Male’ area such as mandatory face mask rule along with social distancing in all places including the mosques.