Mosques to remain closed in Addu City

Mosque located in Addu City Maradhoo district | Photo: Aflal

Addu, Maldives – The Islamic Ministry of Maldives has extended the duration for which mosques remain closed in Addu City.

In a statement released today, the Islamic Ministry informed that due to the increasing number of cases, mosques are directed to not hold prayers until Maghrib (sunset time) of the 23 February 2021.

The mosques are directed to conduct the adhan, call for prayer, at the prayer times followed by a phrase in Arabic meaning “please pray at home” twice.

The Ministry advises the public to observe all prayers, although the mosques are closed due to the pandemic. They also advise everyone to make dua and continue supplications.

The monitoring status and curfew in Addu city has been extended for another 7 days with 62 positive cases as of last night. Over 200 people have been found to be contacts.

Addu City has been under monitoring status since 6 February 2021.