Fiber network to be established in Greater Malé Area

Hulhulé, Hulhumalé and Malé to be connected by fiber network. | Photo: Ministry of of Science, Communication and Technology.

Malé, Maldives – Malé, Hulhumalé, and Hulhulé are to be connected through a fiber network under the Greater Malé Digital Connectivity Vision.

The project is being conducted by a foreign company assigned by the Ministry of Science, Communication and Technology.

The project plans to connect the government computer network in the 3 districts of Malé city, while aiming to expand to Vilimalé and Thilafushi in the future.

Under this project, an NCIT fiber cable network will be established in an 8KM area encompassing Hulhulé and Hulhumalé. This is the largest network to be established by the government to connected islands digitally and includes a 96 core full redundancy fiber ring network.

Once the network is in place, government offices, along with public and private companies will be invited to join. The network is expected to bring down the recurrent expenses of the government related to communication.

The Ministry emphasizes the importance of embedding duct systems and cable management systems in roads, bridges and other infrastructure development projects to make way for future communication network expansions.