STELCO tests Malé, Hulhulé, Hulhumalé electricity interconnection project

STELCO employees testing the Hulhumalé, Hulhulé and Malé electricity interconnection project | photo: STELCO

Malé, Maldives – State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) on Sunday, tested the interconnection project to connect the electricity of Malé, Hulhulé and Hulhumalé with a single network, for the first time after completing the physical work of the project earlier this month.

STELCO informs that they synchronized the powerhouses of Malé and Hulhumalé yesterday, and that they have successfully connected both powerhouses to the same grid, enabling electricity to be transferred from Malé to Hulhumalé and vice versa.

Following this, STELCO said that the project will take the electricity industry to new heights and that the citizens will highly benefit from it.

We have reached new heights in the electricity industry due to the Greater Malé grid. This project will hopefully improve our services as well and benefit the citizens.

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO)

While the 50 megawatt engine installed in Hulhumale’ can provide a total of 50 megawatt electricity, the island only requires 15 megawatt to power the island. Under this project, the remaining electricity produced by the engine will be shared with Male’ and Hulhulhe’ once the “energizing” work is completed.

As the electricity demand in the capital Male’ city increases an average of seven percent per year, STELCO stated that this project will likely solve all the problems faced by the residents of Male’ city and will also meet the demands of the city.

The USD 79 million project initiated by STELCO in Hulhumale’ is contracted to Dongfang Electric International Corporation. STELCO aims to assure electricity coverage for the next 10 to 20 years, upon completion of the project. The project is funded by a loan arranged from the Exim Bank of China.