Covid-19: Locals with worsened condition without major symptoms on the rise

Patient being treated for Covid-19 in the Hulhumale' Covid-19 management facility | Photo: Covid-19 huttuvaanee aharen campaign

Malé, Maldives – Member of the Clinical Management Advisory Team (CMAT) of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), Dr. Moosa Murad, during the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) press conference, has revealed that the number of locals whose conditions suddenly worse despite no major symptoms has started increase and that it has become a cause of concern.

Dr. Murad also highlighted that a large number of those who require hospitalized care consist of middle aged and young people as well, in contrast to the elderly who were previously more at risk for developing severe symptoms.

He put what this means into context, saying that this would overwhelm the health care system, which has to be avoided by decreasing the number of those who test positive for the virus.

We are noticing a lot that those with no major symptoms are suddenly falling very ill.

Dr. Moosa Murad, Member of the Clinical Management Advisory Team (CMAT) of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)

With this, Dr. Murad urges anyone who develops new symptoms while in home isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 to immediately alert Health Protection Agency and to have the matter attended.

He also warned that although vaccination has commenced and is progressing rapidly in the Maldives, this is not the time to relax the preventive measures that need to be taken against Covid-19 as the vaccine itself is not a 100 percent guarantee of not contracting the virus. He also highlighted that two doses of the vaccine are required to be fully immunized against the coronavirus.

So far, the number of Covid-19 patients in the Maldives has reached nearly 19,000 out of which, 16,351 have recovered. However, the number of active cases which is above 2,500 is a much higher number that that of the past several months, due to which the health care facilities have begun to get overwhelmed. The country has recorded 60 deaths due to the virus so far.