Spotify to launch in Maldives tomorrow

High quality music app, Spotify to launch in Maldives.

Malé, Maldives — The popular music app, Spotify is set to launch in Maldives tomorrow.

According to the information received by the ‘The Times of Addu’, Spotify will be launching on 24 February 2021 between 3pm and 11pm to the Maldives.

The high quality music app, Spotify announced yesterday that they will be expanding their app to significantly to more than 80 new markets across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe over the next few days. In addition to this, Spotify also stated that 36 new languages will also be available within the upcoming days including Romanian, Hindi and Swahili, summing the supported languages to over 60.

Spotify is currently only available to half of the world, however, Spotify announced that with their broadest expansion to date, millions of creaters and listeners around the world will have the ability to sign up for free and paid Premium plans; in select markets.