Hearings regarding 130 KG drug smuggling case scheduled for tomorrow

Shaheeb Ibrahim (R) and Ahmed Moosa (L), both accused of trafficking drugs into the Maldives | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Malé, Maldives – Hearings of 6 people arrested in Hulhumalé harbour drug bust have been scheduled at the Criminal Court for tomorrow morning at 09:00.

The state has raised charges against 6 people for trying to smuggle 130 kilos of drugs into Hulhumalé using a fishing boat. One of the people accused of leading the operation Shaheeb Ibrahim from GA. Villingili (42y), is charged of trafficking drugs, importing drugs into Maldives as well as trafficking Diamorphine.

If found guilty of these charge, each charge is punishable by 25 years in jail as well as a fine between MVR 100,000 to MVR 10 million. All three charges being proved can sentence the individual to 75 years of jail.

Three charges have also been raised against Ahmed Moosa from HA. Hoarafushi (48y), accused of leading the operation alongside Shaheeb. In addition to this, two Bangladeshi nationals arrested from the sea vessel are also being charged. While one of them is charged with 3 accusations, the other has 5 charges raised against him.

Furthermore, the other involved in the drug operation, Aseel Mahir from Dhunfinige, GA. Villingili and Anas Hussain of Lh. Hinnavaru cell have 4 charges raised against them. A minor was also arrested in the drug bust and is also to be charged at the Juvenile Court.