Local injured in “Kurimagu” fishing boat fire taken to GDh. Thinadhoo for treatment

Kurimagu boat on fire | photo: Sun

GDh. Madaveli, Maldives – A local injured in a fire on “Kurimagu” fishing boat from GA. Dhevvadhoo near GDh. Madaveli has now been taken to GDh. Thinadhoo for further treatment.

The fire incident took place aboard “Kurimagu” boat at around 11:45 this morning. According to MNDF, a 53 year old man was injured in the incident.

The man was taken to Dr.Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo at around 13:15 as his condition was deteriorating with significant burn injuries to his hand. The man’s health is now improving according to reports.

A fisherman giving information to media outlet “Gaafu” said that the incident took place during efforts to fill the petrol pump with petrol. The fire was extinguished with the help of other fishing vessels in the area.

Media Officer of MNDF Ibrahim Azim said that the incident was reported to Coast Guard at around 12:35.