Malé City Council announces for interested parties to maintain 475 palm trees

Villimalé aerial view | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Malé City Council has announced for people interested to submit bids to take care of 475 palm trees in Villimalé.

The council announced that the opportunity in now open to submit bids to take care of the palm trees in Villimalé for a period of one year. They also added that a information clarification session will held on March 11th regarding the bid.

People attending the information session are ti bring their national identification card along with them. Further information can be clarified via the council number 3323901.

The selected personnel for the job are to climb, clean and maintain the palm trees for one year. The latest date to submit the bid for the proposal is also March 11th. The council stated that bids submitted later than the deadline will not be accepted.