‘Dhivehi National Action’ launched

Former Home Minister, Umar Naseer speaking at the launching ceremony of Dhivehi National Action (DNA) | Photo: DNA Maldives

Malé, Maldives – A political reform movement named as Dhivehi National Action (DNA) has been launched in Maldives.

According to the team leading the movement, it is not a political party but a political reform movement to reshape the cultural and socioeconomic outlook and the current norms of the Maldives.

DNA’s leadership includes various notable politicians, businessmen and other highly notable people of the country. Some of their members include the former Home Minister, Umar Naseer, former Foreign Minister Dhunya Maumoon, former Commissioner of Priosns Abdulla Munaz and former Captian of MNDF and current CEO of Happy Market, Ali Ihusan.

During the launching ceremony held last night, Umar Naseer told that DNA is an open political platform and that it is not limited to people of one political ideology and that it is open for anyone who wants to reform the country for the better.

Umar told that the movement will decide what to do for the 2023 elections when the time comes and that the current focus of the movement is to create a generation which is build on the foundations of proper Islamic discipline and education so that they can develop the country in the future.

He also added that the movement will focus on sovereignty and independence of the nation and also work to brining back the islamic ways of life within the society which has been depleting over the years. He also added that they would advocate to make Maldives a financially secure and responsible country which does not have to beg for foreign aid and donations for the country’s development.

Umar Naseer also told that reform is only possible by winning in a political race and that speaking about reform at restaurants or on Facebook and Twitter would not bear any fruit. He also called out all interested people to join DNA on their works for reform of Maldives.