Maldives’ shameful foreign policy has turned the country to begging: Dhunya Maumoon

Former Foreign Minister of Maldives, Dhunya Maumoon speaking at the launching ceremony of Dhivehi National Action (DNA) | Photo: DNA Maldives

Male’, Maldives — The former Foreign Minister of Maldives, Dhunya Maumoon has stated that the country should be ashamed of the present foreign policy it has as it has made Maldives a country that is always begging for foreign aid.

The statement from Dhunya comes while she was speaking at a political reform movement started by individuals who held positions of political authority in previouslyly in the Maldives Maldives by the name of ‘Dhivehi National Action (DNA).’

Dhunya asserted that the island nation has lost the independence it had gained in 1965 and now has become an enslaved country.

We should be ashamed of the foreign policy of Maldives. The country which had its own independence and proud history has now become a slave.

Dhunya Maumoon

Dhunya stated that Maldives currently does not have the independence it had gained in 1965 and that the government had forgotten about the independence agreement the country had fought for in July 26, 1965.

Dhunya noted that following the loss of independence the country had, Maldives has now become a country constantly mooching off from countries, especially a certain country in particular.

Instead of standing on its own feet and fulfilling our own desires, Maldives has become a country to constantly ask for help.

Dhunya stated.

Dhunya reminded that the country has formed a habit of taking multiple foreign loans in the name of aid. Dhunya stated that ‘there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ and Maldives should be vigilant since these can be a loan trap.

The leaders of the newly formed ‘Dhivehi National Action (DNA)’ event include of the former Home Minister, Umar Naseer, former Foreign Minister Dhunya Maumoon, former President of the current ruling party, Dr. Ibrahimi Didi, the former captain of MNDF, Ali Ihusaan, former Prosecutor Secretary, Masood Imaadh along with the former State Minister of the Home Ministry, Ahmed Saleem and former Vice President of the Elections Commission, Ahmed Fayaaz Hassan.

The DNA is a political reform movement to reshape the cultural and socioeconomic outlook and the current norms of the Maldives which is not limited to people of one political ideology but open for anyone who wants to reform the country for the better.