Former Home Minister praises journalists

Former Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Former Home Minister and current head of the Dhivehi National Action (DNA) Umar Naseer praised Maldivian journalists in a statement released today.

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer stated in his statement that the government is continuously trying to obstruct medias reporting on the Indian millitary presence in Maldives including officers, vehicles and radars as well as on the financial loads to maintain this work and the gifts given to the political parties to support these works.

He also noted that the Indian embassies continue to sponsor the medias trying to cover up these works of the government and suppress the concerns of the Maldivian citizens.

At this instance, i wholeheartedly thank the writers writing for the independence of the country. Sharing these writings on social media, liking them and retweeting them as much as possible would be a huge contribution to this national movement.

Former Home Minister and current head of Dhivehi National Action Umar Naseer

He also said that the links to such articles would be available from the Facebook pages of DNA and himself, as well as Twitter and Viber community groups.

In addition to this, Umar Naseer encouraged everyone to take part in this national movement, raising your voice against those saying that “we are okay whether its light or dark” ans work against the media propaganda run by the government along with India by supporting factual articles from different medias.