E-voting will not be accepted by Maldivians: Fuaad Thaufeeq

Member of Elections Commision, Fuaad Thaufeeq | photo: Edition

Malé, Maldives – Elections Commission member Fuaad Thaufeeq said that the results of an electrically voted election will not be accepted by the citizens of Maldives.

Replying to a question regarding E-voting in Maldives on “Falasuruhee” programme of Raajje tv, Fuaad said that even the results of a traditional election are not accepted by Maldivians which is why he said that the results on a virtual election would not be accepted by the citizens.

Some people are coming to court regarding the results of a traditional election even. What will happen after an electrical voting when even vote ballots are not accepted. This is why Maldivians will not accept the results of a virtual election.

Fuaad Thaufeeq

The Elections Commission previously tried to introduce E-Voting in Maldives. Attempts were made to conduct presidential election, local council elections and even internal elections of political parties via electrical voting. However, the commission was unsuccessful in doing so due to constant pressure from the then opposition, MDP saying that a virtual election will not be legitimate.

The Elections Commission later changed their policies regarding electrical voting as the Chairperson of EC Ahmed Shareef also said that the traditional voting system is more suitable for Maldives. Several countries are holding electrical elections due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as to reduce the transmission of the virus as much as possible.