Might have to “choose” which Covid-19 patient to provide treatment: Dr Mufliha

Health Promotion Coordinator of the Maldives Medical Association, Dr. Fathimath Mufliha. | Photo via Avas

Male’, Maldives — The Maldives Medical Association has informed that as the Covid-19 situation worsens in the country and if more people need to be admitted and taken care of, then they association may have to start “choosing” which Covid-19 patient to provide care for.

The statement comes from the Health Promotion Coordinator of the Maldives Medical Association, Dr. Fathimath Mufliha while speaking at the Health Emergency Operations new conference that was held last night.

While speaking at the conference, Dr. Mufliha stated that while the Covid-19 situation has worsen once again, it is very important to maintain protective measures, especially taking the Covid-19 vaccine to protect against the virus.

Dr. Mufliha warned the people that with the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases rising, the number of people having to be admitted would increase as well, taking Maldives to a very dangerous state. She told that the country may even have to face days, that nobody would wish to come across.

If the number keeps rising, from a certain stage, we will not be able to provide our best medical service even if we wish to and we may even face a situation where we’ll have to “choose” whom to provide care for.

Dr. Mufliha stated.

In addition to this, Dr. Mufliha informed that they have also decided to conduct a mask awareness program in the country as it is a huge concern that the number of cases has not decreased even within a year.

A doctor from IGMH also informed that lately, most of the individuals who test positive for Covid-19 show less symptoms and yet their condition seems to get worse. The doctor also mentioned that the age of the people being admitted at the hospitals are considerably low, especially the individuals of middle age who need to be admitted are very high.

While the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases per day had decreased by a great extend during the last months of 2020, a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases is seen from the start of 2021. The authorities had also noted that over the past month, the amount of people having to get admitted in the hospital have started increasing rapidly and with this, the country has also recorded over 10 deaths within a month.